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Small Shop Essentials - Business Logo Suite

Image of Small Shop Essentials - Business Logo Suite

First impressions mean a whole lot especially for your business. You want to begin your branding from the very beginning and your logo is the perfect way to start! I will provide a custom, unique logo that doesn't make anyone think of any other business...only yours. All logos are custom and do not come from a template.

The Business Logo Suite provides:
Digital logo design
Digital business card design
Digital headers for social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, online store - Big Cartel, Etsy, etc.)
Stamp-ready logo
Watermark logo
Printing is not included, but is offered at an additional charge.

Option: Business card holder made by Foxheart Bag Co.
Option: 100 Printed Business Cards + Foxheart Bag Co. holder

Please leave your email in the "Note" area and I will contact you within 24 hours to begin your business logo collaboration!