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Small Shop Swag - Enhancement Package

Image of Small Shop Swag - Enhancement Package

Take your shop to the next level by adding branding elements to your "Made with Love" products!

The Enhancement package includes any three (3) items of your choosing! All items include front & back printing, your logo, tag line, etc. All items are a great way to keep your name in your customer's mind for future purchases. What does your small business need to become a household name? Any of these items will give your product a cared for and finished look. See additional images for ideas of items.

You will receive the following:
10 Gift Certificates (all sizes available)
50 price tags, perforated along bottom portion (if needed - all sizes available)
50 product backings (all sizes available)
50 Prayer/Encouragement Cards (square shape)
50 Discount Cards (square shape)
OPTIONS: All five (5) items; Triple order one (1) item

Items can be printed on either bright white cardstock or Kraft paper. Please leave a note which includes your business name, e-mail address, paper choice, and the items chosen. I will contact you within 24 hours for further needed information.